Feijoa - Pineapple Guava 2 l pot
Apricot-Dwarf Trevatt
Bagged soils and Mulches
Bare rooted Cherry 'Royal Crimson' PRE PURCHASE
Bush tucker plants
Australian Sunrise Lime 4 L
Bare rooted Cherry 'Royal Crimson' PRE PURCHASE
Babaco ' Carica pentagona'
Fertilisers and tonics
Fig- St Dominique Violette
Flowering, ornamental and indoor plants
Fruit and Nut trees
Grapefruit, Pummelo and Tangelo
Grape - Dawn seedless
Herbs and companion plants
Bare rooted -  2 Way Cherry 'Minnie Royal & Minnie Lee' PRE- PURCHASE
Lemon-scented Myrtle
Australian Sunrise Lime 4 L
Mandarin - Maestro 4 Litre
Avocado - Hass (Grafted)
Dwarf Mulberry tree 180 ml pot
Bare rooted -2 way Trixzie™ Tree 'Nectazee '- 'Pixzee' Super dwarf Nectarine and Peach PRE- PURCHASE
Macadamia 'Lotsa Nuts'
Olive- Kalamata
Orange - Harvard Blood
Peach-Dwarf Golden Queen 4Litre
Pear -Barlett/Williams Bon Chretien
Pest and disease solution
Plum - A Okay
Pots, terrariums and garden art
Poultry and pet supplies
Rare, unusual and exotic trees and edible plants
Seed potatoes, Garlic, tubers and mushroom boxes
Fruit protection bags large 30 cm x 30 cm 10 pk
Soil testing and soil amendments
The Sustainable home
Tools, accessories and weather monitoring
Weed control
Workshop - Growing fruit trees in the home garden. Sunday 15th August 2021