Our Story

At Thrive Sustainability we are passionate about adopting a sustainable approach to living, sourcing food and caring for the world we live in.
We aim to inspire and help others to make small changes that can benefit themselves and the world around them. One simple step you can take is to start growing you're own food!
We only sell and promote products we are happy to use in our own home garden and that we believe are effective and good value for money.
We are a family run business based in the Chittering valley, Western Australia.


"I have turned a life long passion of growing my own food and treading lightly on the planet into a business that can help others to do the same. I was very lucky to be introduced to the joys of gardening and eating home grown food as a child. I realized many people wanted to grow their own fruit and vegetables and lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle but just didn't know where to start so I decided to set up Thrive Sustainability" Laura Blishen