2 Way Apple  'Gala' - 'Red Fuji' 25 L
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2 Way Apple 'Gala' - 'Red Fuji' 25 L

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2 way Apple 'Gala' - 'Red Fuji'

Multigraft trees are an alternative for small gardens where space is limited and several types of fruit are desired.
 Red Fuji Apple
A delicious delicate flavour that is very sweet and aromatic. Best flavour when left to hang on the tree. Stores well. A good choice for the home orchard because of its resistance to apple scab (black spot). Mid- to late season maturity
'Gala' Apple
A delicious, round apple with an excellent sweet flavour and firm, crisp juicy flesh. Highly enjoyable when eaten fresh. Early-to-mid season maturity.

Suitable cultivars for cross pollination have been grafted on to the one tree.