2 way Apple 'Granny Smith' - ' Johnathan' 25 L
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2 way Apple 'Granny Smith' - ' Johnathan' 25 L

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PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE PURCHASE ITEM. BARE ROOTED TREES ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE JULY Please ensure you provide your full contact details in the order so we can notify you when the trees arrive and are ready for Pick up/ Delivery. In the unlikely event your trees are not available when the shipment arrives you will receive a full refund. 

2 way Apple 'Granny Smith' - ' Johnathan' 
Multigraft trees are an alternative for small gardens where space is limited and several types of fruit are desired.
Granny Smith - A medium-sized fruit with a rich green skin and sprightly flavour which sweetens if fruit is left to hang on the tree. Crisp and firm, keeps well. Ideal for stewing, cooking and fresh fruit. Mid to late season maturity.
'Jonathan' Apple - One of the older and more widely known apple cultivars. Rounded in shape with medium size, the skin is bright red colour with a yellow-green ground colour. Used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying. Matures early to mid-season.

Suitable cultivars for cross pollination have been grafted on to the one tree.