3 way Plum /Pluot 'Flavor Supreme'-'Mariposa'-'Santa Rosa' 25 L
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3 way Plum /Pluot 'Flavor Supreme'-'Mariposa'-'Santa Rosa' 25 L

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 3 way Plum/Interspecific 'Flavor Supreme'-'Mariposa'-'Santa Rosa'

'Mariposa' Plum - A popular blood plum with large, heart shaped fruit. Excellent sweet flavour and very dark red, juicy flesh. Sweeter, larger and softer than 'Satsuma'. Used for fresh fruit, juice, jam and stewing. Suitable for small to medium gardens.
Mid-season maturity.
Santa Rosa' Plum
Large, first quality fruit, purplish-crimson in colour with a pale blue bloom. Flesh yellow, with a red blush coming from just below the skin. Mildly sweet, with some tartness near skin and stone. Good bearer, considered to be one of the best plums.

Pluot 'Flavor Supreme' Interspecific Plum
F2® Fruit - A Fleming's quality introduction. F2® Fruit - 'Flavor Supreme' interspecific plum (meaning plum/apricot hybrid) is one of a new generation of traditionally bred plums with a bright, very sweet flavour.
Tree grows to approximately 4 x 4 metres.
Suitable pollinizer: 'Mariposa'.
F2® Fruit - 'Flavor Supreme' does not have the tart aftertaste of many plums; this has been replaced with the aroma of the apricot that forms part of its parentage. Pluot® interspecific plums are as easy to grow as any regular plum. Flesh is pinkish-red and as fruit matures deepens to a darker red. Clingstone.