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Prunus amygadalus 'Self Pollinating Almond

As the name suggests Self Pollinating Almonds require no pollinators being self fertile. Large, broad oval paper shelled kernels are ripe mid season. Nuts have a good sweet flavour and are relatively versatile.

Maturity: Mid season.

Fruit size: Large.

Fruit shape: Oval / broad and plum.

Skin: Outshell is described as a papershell.

Flavour: Good sweet flavour.

Storage: Can last for months in the shell in a cool dark place. Can also be refridgerated. Once almonds are shelled store in an airtight container.

Yield: Heavy cropper.

Pollinators: Self fertile.

Tree shape: Upright.

Flower: Flowers are white or pink, 3-5cm in diameter either single or in pairs in Spring.

Height: Small to medium sized decidious tree up to 10 metres high.

Width: Has a spreading open canopy.

Roots: Will develop root rot if in water logged soils.

Leaf shape: Leaves have fine serrated margins with acute tips. Lanceolate, long acuminate.

Growing conditions: Almonds require rich deep well drained loamy soils with mild winters and drier summers and are quite drought resistant.

 Cultivation notes: Plant in a sunny position as early spring frosts can damage buds, Prune annually, thin out and remove any dead branches in winter before any new growth appears. Fertilize in Spring and late Summer and also keep almonds mulched.Bees assist in pollination.