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Prunus armeniaca ' Moorpark'


Very popular large, round/oval orange coloured juicy apricot. It produces a high quality rich superbly flavoured fruit. Moorpark is self fertile and matures January approximately. Perfect for picking fresh from your backyard. Suitable for making into jams, stewing etc. A very versatile fruit.

Maturity: Approximately January.

Fruit size: Large.

Fruit shape: Round/oval.

Skin: Orange.

Flesh colour: Orange.

Texture: Fleshy.

Flavour: Juicy.

Storage: Has a very short shelf life.

Chill: Medium to high chill.

Yield: Moderate.

Pollinators: Self Fertile.

Flower: White/pinkish in colour. Flowers in either pairs or singles. Has many stamens. Flowers in Spring.


Growing conditions: Prefers full sun with an open area with well drained soils. Prefers a mediterranean climate..

Cultivation notes: Requires good water over the growing season. Is frost sensitive. Needs fertile well drained soils. Fruit may require thinning to increase overall fruit size

Harvest notes: Pick the fruit when firm. Handle carefully as apricots will bruise easily.

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