Bare rooted Cherry 'Minnie Royal' PRE PURCHASE
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Bare rooted Cherry 'Minnie Royal' PRE PURCHASE

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PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE PURCHASE ITEM. BARE ROOTED TREES ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE JULY. Please ensure you provide your full contact details in the order so we can notify you when the trees arrive and are ready for Pick up/ Delivery. In the unlikely event your trees are not available when the shipment arrives you will receive a full refund. 

A low-chill sweet cherry variety, requiring only 200-400 chill hours to fruit. This makes it suitable for Perth’s climate.  Minnie Royal is a medium to large size red cherry with a firm texture and superior flavour. Fruit begins to ripen in early November and holds well on the tree into December.


Pollination: Royal Lee, Royal Crimson.