Five Spice, or Five in One Herb 6 L
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Five Spice, or Five in One Herb 6 L

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Coleus aromaticus (syn C. amboinicus)

Succulent, semi-creeping perennial. Needs a protected place from winds, heavy rain. Likes a warm, moist area. Round, fleshy, hairy stems and oppositely forming thick, hairy, ovate shaped leaves 4-10cm long, with serrated/scalloped margins. Spikes of two-lipped mauve/pink flowers rise above the foliage Leaves can be chopped up and added to bean dishes, soups and casseroles to give a mixed herb flavour. Chew a leaf for sore throat and coughs. Make a tea for bronchitis, asthma and coughs, and to induce sleep. A leaf can been rubbed or laid on the forehead, to relieve headaches