Corn - Country Gentleman
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Corn - Country Gentleman

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Zea Mays

Country Gentleman is an Heirloom sweetcorn variety dating back to 1890. It is unusual as it's white kernels are arranged irregularly, not in rows. The kernels are also very deep and narrow, hence its alternate name, Shoe-peg.  In good conditions it can yield up to three ears per stalk. Has a good corn flavour not as sweet as some modern hybrid variety's.

Approx. 25 seeds

Method: Sow direct or start in pots
Sowing Depth:  20 mm
When: Spring and early summer
Row Spacing:  45 cm 
Plant Spacing:  20 cm
Plant Height:  150 cm
Position: Full sun, moist, fertile soil
Days to Maturity/Flowering: 10 - 15 weeks
Notes Corn are wind pollinated, plant in blocks opposed to single rows. To improve results when planting a small patch hand pollinate.