Dsatco Lupin mulch Eco bale
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Dsatco Lupin mulch Eco bale

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Dsatco Lupin mulch Eco bale covers 4-5 m 2 .

DSATCO Lupin Mulch is manufactured from pure organic sourced lupin plant material and chicken manure. Lupin Mulch will enhance your soil, adding vital soil nutrients and biology, replacing the need for separate applications of fertilizer and mulch. It is weed free and will suppress the germination of weeds and can also be used to smother growing weeds when applied in a thick layer as a result of the high nutrients that plants love but weeds hate. It will keep the soil 5 – 10 degrees cooler in summer and help to retain more moisture which will flow freely through the mulch, but not evaporate from underneath, creating an ideal environment for plants to grow. Being an organic nutrient product it is environmentally friendly preventing leaching of nutrients. The result is lovely soft, moist, chocolate brown, fibrous mulch, ideal for gardens, especially roses, flowering annuals, vegetables and fruit trees. It is also proven to be suitable for all types of gardens and plants.