Egyptian Walking Onion - 3 bulbs
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Egyptian Walking Onion - 3 bulbs

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AKA Tree Onions or Perennial Onions.
Growth starts like a regular onion at the top of the plant, a cluster of bulblets/topsets will begin to grow and reach maturity in summer. When the topsets become heavy enough, they will pull the plant over to the ground. If the soil conditions are right, the fallen topsets will take root and grow into new Egyptian Walking Onion plants, hence the name, "Walking Onion. In the ground, the base of the Egyptian Walking Onion plant produces a small shallot-like onion which can be harvested. If left in the ground, the onion will divide and form a cluster or clump of onion bulbs. Grow in well drained loamy soil ensure they do not dry out and burn in hot summer months.