Plum Pine/ Illawarra Plum 'Podocarpus elatus' 6 Litre
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Plum Pine/ Illawarra Plum 'Podocarpus elatus' 6 Litre

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Podocarpus elatus, known as the plum pine, the brown pine or the Illawarra plum, is a species endemic to the east coast of Australia. Its juicy, pulpy fruits have a grape-like texture and sweetish, mild pine flavour that is enhanced by cooking. 

This species is dioecious, meaning you’ll need both male and female trees to produce fruit. To increase your chances of pollination, best planting several plants or use as a hedge. 

Illawarra Plum will grow readily in both full sun and part shade. It prefers a rich, moist, non-alkaline soil, but will tolerate a range of soil types, and must have adequate drainage. This tree is resistant to salt spray, making it suitable for coastal conditions. Leaves are shiny, narrow, tough and dark green with sharp tips.

A slow growing tree, the Illawarra Plum may be kept in pots and pruned to maintain size. If allowed to grow, it can reach 8 – 12m in height.