Sea Purslane - Sesuvium portulacastrum
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Sea Purslane - Sesuvium portulacastrum

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Sea Purslane is a fast-growing groundcover, you’ll find it growing wild in sandy clay, coastal limestone and sandstone, tidal flats and salt marshes around the northern coastal regions of WA, NT, QLD and NSW. 

Eaten raw, are salty and slightly bitter or acidic flavour with a crunchy succulent texture — great for pickling! When cooked, the flavours and textures soften suitably for a variety of savoury dishes and garnishes. Sea Purslane leaves are a good source of vitamin C and rich in the naturally occurring steroid, ecdysterone. This plant is also known for its haemostatic and anti-venom properties.

To harvest, simply pluck fresh stems from this prolific plant as it grows, or pull out the entire herb by the root.

This salt-tolerant, drought-tolerant species prefers a sunny position in sandy soil. 

Sea Purslane reaches up to 30cm in height and sprawls out to 1-2m in diameter (stems up to 1m). As it’s a fast grower, we don’t recommend growing it alongside other herbs and veggies (unless you plan to harvest frequently). It’s the perfect for rockeries.