Bean Winged Seed Packet
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Bean Winged Seed Packet

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A perennial vine that is often grown as an annual that produces purple/blue coloured flowers followed by green rectangular, four cornered beans. Beans are used as a vegetable and have a crunchy texture and asparagus-like flavour that is delicious both raw or cooked. Leaves can be also be eaten. Winged bean thrives in tropic and warm climates and is more tolerant to hotter temperatures and poor soils than other beans, it has slightly lower water needs than some beans too.

Also known as Goa Bean, Asparagus Pea, Four Cornered Bean, Four Angled Bean, Manila Bean and Mauritius Bean. Packet contains approx. 15 seeds



Sow direct or sow in punnets for quicker germination soak the seed prior to sowing

Sowing Depth:






Mid spring – summer

Plant Spacing:


 25cm between plants 100cm between rows


Weeks till Maturity

8 - 10 weeks



Full sun, well-drained, moist soil best grown in temps over 25 c